Jan 20, 2009

Salman khan Gym Body Building Pictures | Salman Gym Workout Photos

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Salman Khan is fitness freak who ardently gyms with deep focus concentration as and when he gets time. The result is there for all to see, as he proudly struts bare-bodied even at 40. Anyway, we got some interesting dope from a unit member of the film Yuvraaj, a Subhash Ghai flick that Sallu is a part of.

Apparently, a schedule of the film was being shot in Mumbai's Film City which also happens to be the location of Ghai's film school, Whistling Woods International. So Salman used to often go to the school's gym and workout there. However, while he worked out, not a soul was allowed to enter the gym, not even the school students. And Salman's body guards ensured just that as it would break bhai's concentration.

But the students, who were Salman admirers, wouldn't budge and in spite of repeated warnings, smartly sweet talked his body guards into letting them in to quietly observe their favourite star pump iron. They were taken aback when a very 'sweet' Salman was open to helping them out with health related queries.

"Salman is normally tagged as the 'misunderstood man' by his family and friends, but this time round even the students who received expert fitness tips were bowled over by his generosity," said the unit member.

We spoke to one of the students of the school and on condition of anonymity, he replied, "Salman is such a frank guy. He helps you but hates to be diplomatic because of which many perceive him to be rash and blunt, which he is not! Not just fitness, he talked to us about filmmaking, acting and almost anything and everything. He openly criticizes things if he doesn't like something but that doesn't make him a bad guy! He speaks from his heart. Salman khan Gym Body Building Pictures | Salman Gym Workout PhotosSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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