Jan 24, 2009


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A look at the new features
Interoperability and Building Models

MicroStation platform: Build, edit, and view their model simulating water from the environment and engineering Geospatial MicroStation V8 XM.

LoadBuilder interface module in stand-alone: With version V8 XM can use the module LoadBuilder directly in the stand-alone interface to load applications on the nodes using georeferenced information consumption.

TRex interface module in Stand-alone: With version V8 XM can automatically extract and give rise directly in the stand-alone interface from digital terrain models (DEM), contour lines in CAD, point cloud or Shapefiles.

Thiessen Polygon Creator of: Cree from any interface and automatically Thiessen polygons around the nodes of its model, to support complex algorithms allocation requests in LoadBuilder and require service polygons.

Data Management

Selected items based on consultations: to develop and manage the group of elements, complex multi-parameter queries based on SQL.

Network Browser: This new feature allows you to find ponderosa and troubleshoot connectivity or topology of its model, which often are generated from the extraction of data from an external file.

Improved support Undo / Redo: Modify or change elements of their design or edit your data in tabular reports with complete peace of mind that gives support undo / redo all editing processes model.

Copy / Paste to external data sources: The new technology WaterCAD V8 XM will allow you to have a bi-directional functionality of copying and pasting between office applications as Word and Excel and graphic or tabular reports.

Operational Modeling

Vulnerability Analysis (Criticality Analysis): Assess the impact of breaks throughout its distribution network and discover what are the investments in rehabilitation or repair to the highest water and operational impacts.

Pressure Dependent Demand: Calculate the demands on the nodes as a function of the system pressure system insufficient to meet total demand, sprinkler or even methodologies for leaks.

New element of Isolation Valve: Make use of this new element to evaluate the segmentation of your network, develop analysis and find the path most vulnerable sections of its infrastructure.

Hidrante new element: Model special hydrants as nodes in its model and make use of the functionality offered by the browser and fire flow redefinition of the pressure-dependent demands.

New element Battery Pumps Variable Speed: complex model stations with variable speed pumps in a single defining element configurations of pumps in parallel or in series.

Demand Flow Management and Fire

Fire Flow Navigator: Pretend flow analysis of fire throughout its system and browse through it to assess flow rates and pressures for each item.

Hydrants: Model of the hydrants network nodes as independent and integrates the functionality of the element in the new browser features and fire flow demands under pressure.

Demand Control Center: Manage overall demands simple, compound, consumption patterns and demands dependent on the pressure in a single module that allows you to configure its entire consumption model.

Lawsuits unitary Library: Create and manage their data by defining different demands unitary local area-based units of discharge, per-capita consumption, and so on. for rapid estimation of demands or the creation of different scenarios.

Map Generation and Submission of Reports

Thematic Maps: Make use of the functionality of size and color coding based on the attributes of components, new opportunities that will allow multiple entry easily visualize data entry and hydraulic performance.

Layers Manager Fund: This new feature allows you to organize, consolidate, personalize and display in the background drawing files in various formats as DXF, shapefiles, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, and MrSID.

GIS symbology type: Set the display of your model so that certain elements are dependent on tools that automatically zoom and change size as you browse different areas of your model and enlarge or reduce the display area.

Advanced Generation contours: an unlimited number of Superimpose contour maps directly on the picture of the distribution network, set up quickly and produce thematic maps with new features for the generation of contour lines.


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